Wednesday night, 3 September

Dear Vernon,

The days pass by quickly, don’t they? I don’t think that I’ve ever met anyone who has suggested that the days get slower as we get older. And yet there always seems to be so much to do and so much that has been done.

I arrived at Meeting tonight with good intentions to go into worship. But I went to the toilet when I arrived and while there, washing my hands, I had a moment of inspiration for an article. I know from experience that if I don’t get an idea down immediately I can lose it for some time, if not for good. So, I went to the library and sat down at one of the wicker chairs by the fireplace and got on with the piece.

During the Westminster away weekend we did some auto-writing. Then we did it in response to some of the activities that we had taken part in. Now, I just got on with the piece and when I looked up to see the time some 40 minutes had passed and Meeting was soon to finish.

So I waited for the worshippers to come out. While I passed this extra little piece of time (a blessing perhaps, some unexpected time does exist in the speeding up days after all), I browsed the library. Last week I had picked up a cassette tape from the library – Arthur White speaking on the aims of Quaker Business Methods in 1981 at a gathering of Quaker clerks. This time I got another five tapes out and I’m listening as I write to the Quality of Life by Oscar and Annette Wallis, recorded in 1980 after a joint meeting of Elders and Overseers at London Yearly Meeting. Oscar is speaking of his knowledge and experience of biblical scholarship and in particular the Gospels.

I also got:

Phase 1 Unit 3 Section A Introduction to Meditation by John Punshon;

The Lessons of Trade Unionism for Christian Thought and Practice by John Atherton;

Are we being fed? (on the duties of Elders) by Rosalind Priestman; and

“Mind the oneness: the foundation of good Quaker Business Meetings” by Robert Halliday (a George Gorman lecture).

I thought that it might be reasonable to take 5 more tapes out at once as I noticed in the loans book that no other cassette loans have been made for twenty years and 4 months!

Later some worshippers went to a local cafe – there were over 20 from the Meeting there, but I was tired, so I came home after drinking a very strong ginger tom juice.

in friendship,



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