20/9/08 3 good things

Life is beautiful. While on holiday, I read John Naish’s book ‘Enough’. And decided to have a crack at listing 3 good things each day. L and I did it each day of our holiday and so I have continued today:

1. We had stuffed mushrooms for dinner with spinach risotto, which L made. It was superb. We have decided to start using smaller plates so that maybe we won’t eat so much!

2. We made lists of all the things that we needed to do this weekend and then we got on and did them, from emptying the hoover (not done since last year) to watering the garden from the bath and to tidying the study. And we rearranged the lounge furniture.

3. We played games with our new pack of cards (£1.75 from Sounds Around in Brockley – this was the ‘expensive’ set, as the cheap set would have cost £0.55) and our big backgammon set. This set seemed strange after a week of playing with our tiny Zanzibar set while in Morocco.


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