My first podcast!

Well folks, I’ve been on an excellent podcasting course organised by the NUJ and On Road Media.

Listen to my first podcast (about a future for independent bookshops) by clicking on the link above.


3 thoughts on “My first podcast!”

  1. Great job, though I was confused by the ending. ITunes jumped to another podcast and I didn’t realize it had changed and was wondering why you had segued into blues music.

    Housman’s is smart for emphasizing their niche and building itself up as a social scene and identity. One flip side to all this is that net bookselling (and even the chain stores) has been helpful for those of us outside London and London-like areas, like the semi-rural/semi-suburban patch of the U.S. where I live. We have much better access to books now.

    Here’s a question though: as on-demand printing bring book publishing prices down to zero (allowing for almost unlimited dlversity) and distribution becomes a money-losing proposition, I wonder if the heart of book culture shifts away from both production and distribution to do-it-yourself promotions and publicity. What about all the bloggers and Amazon affiliate sellers making a bit here and there through their recommendations?

    And again, great podcast, that sounds like a neat course!

  2. The tutors also criticized the ending. The till noise should have been put after the door, with the interview coming next. And I could have added a short conclusion.

    I can’t help you with the blues music, its not mine!

    I only moved to London 3 years ago and I had a great little indy bookstore, called Red Lion Books in Colchester. They could get anything in, had great friendly staff and a good range of material. And they got great guests in too.

    Amazon can sell cheaply in Britain because they’re based in tax havens. When we buy from them, we’re effectively agreeing with their decision to escape the burden of tax in our country.

    Of course, as someone who currently works for a journal, I have a bias towards traditional print and publishing methods. The quality of books that are do-it-yourself vary but are often pretty poor, from my experience of receiving them for review. Hopefully that will change.

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