3 good things

And suddenly another 3 weeks have passed and then S says that he isn’t up with my new blog, so:

1. being on the phone with S, he is such a superstar, I’m glad that we had time to catch up.

2. Fruit is good today. I’m so blocked up and I’ve got a chesty cough that came out of nowhere. If only the new greengrocer at 209-211 in Mantle Road was open, that would be the icing on the (carrot) cake. I’ve had oranges and satsumas and grapes from Costcutter.

3. Duvet time. I can feel my sinus swelling up, if I talk or laugh I start coughing this horrid great thing that seems to want to rip my insides out, so spending time sleeping or otherwise in bed with the two duvets is just great.


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