new experience

New experience is one of the good things in life.

Today L and I took a walk through the Kent countryside on a journey that was new to us and we shared some good quality time together. It was a ten mile walk and we did it in pretty good time.

We set off from Borough Green and went next to the village of Bastard, sorry, Basted – a village whose name was a great source of amusement to me all day for a single reason already explained.

Next we walked across fields and along lanes (and crossed one ford by leaping across banks) to Ightham Mote where there’s a ye olde house. We stopped and ate our sandwiches upon a grassy knoll.

Later we passed through One Tree Hill on our way to Knole where we saw loads of deer and an ice house as well as a bloody great old house.

Finally, we made it to Sevenoaks and walked straight through the town to the station.

Anyway, the best new experience of the day I’m enjoying right now. Its stem ginger and rhubarb ice cream made by Alder Tree and bought from the Broca Market. Its absolutely glorious. This ice cream is so very good, its, well I’ve already said its glorious and that will have to do as a description but I just wanted to reiterate my opinion.

With a bit of research I’ve just found out that the ginger in the icecream comes from a company called Ginger Dragon who have a wonderful tagline on their website – Thinking about ginger? So are we!

All in all, a brilliant day!


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