From Kenya to Copenhagen…

Writing from Western Province in Kenya, close to the Ugandan border, it feels like I am a world away from Europe and in particular the climate change talks in Copenhagen. But the issues that are being tackled in Denmark are as real in Kenya as they are anywhere else. Writing in The Friend recently, Hannah Brock shared, from first hand experience, the difficulties and challenges that Kenyans are facing due to climate change.

Friends tell me their stories of livestock dying and crops failing, as well as the challenges of job opportunities as Kenya is also suffering economically as we are elsewhere in the world.

In his address to the gathering, Barasa Nyukuri shared his thoughts about the principles of servant leadership, tying his knowledge closely to scripture. It was a lively and engaging presentation. He told us about some key global challenges that need the application of servant leadership, including climate change and air pollution. The others were poverty, trade justice, disease, corruption and the challenges of the biblical livelihood.

I enjoyed the talk today because it can help me to grow as a good Friend’, said Lusike Joy from Chwele Yearly Meeting.

Meanwhile, as delegates from government from around the world meet in Copenhagen, Friends will be uniting in worship on Sunday 13 December. As a contribution to the summit, Norwegian Quakers are asking us to devote our worship to the summit, for peace and sustainability, for awareness of life and for the many wonderful creatures that we share this beautiful planet

In our base groups on Friday afternoon, participants at the Young Quaker Christian Association Africa Triennial were asked to consider the issues of environmental justice and peace and to think and share about how they can apply servant leadership themselves and in their church to these issues.

So Friends in Kenya and from across Africa are tackling the issues raised by Norwegian Quakers and those at Copenhagen, together.

Praise be to God.


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