some observations

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Some observations

I have injured my left hand. Clapping. I didn’t do any warm up exercises or cool down exercises before or after worship. I have clapped so much in the past week.

Why was Moses called by God through a burning bush? I have no idea. But that was the way.

One week ago I was in Heathrow airport, waiting to leave for Kenya. In one week I will be in Kisumu, preparing to leave Kenya.

Strong people reflect on the word of God.

I have unfinished business in Nairobi. I have about a hundred people to see and many things to do there.

Sometimes I do things outside of worship differently to how I do things while in worship.

If you ever have the opportunity to stay at the Mabanga Agricultural Training Cottage make sure that you do not get a room that faces the road in the Songa block. The road is the main highway to/from the Ugandan border.

We fly like eagles but when we get tired we stop flying and start running. When we tire from running we start walking. And so we go far. I watched an eagle this afternoon with Viv and Ruth. This beautiful bird seemingly effortlessly soared by.

Swahili is a beautiful language.

I seek God from within while others seek God from above.

No matter how hard I try, the mosquitoes will always get me. But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t defend myself.

Stay the course. The Quakers who wait expectantly on God do not quit.

When traveling, texts from friends mean a lot. Receiving texts is the only thing thats free on my phone at the moment.

After one week I have not used: frisbee, flip-flops and flip-camera (the battery keeps failing and I don’t know why). It is something to do with things that begin with ‘f’.

If you don’t like ugali, rice, meat stew, kale and potato, don’t come to Kenya. The saving grace is the slices of fruit.

The sound of a tap dripping is a wondrous noise after going much of the day without running water.

Deep spirituality is a product of serious waiting.


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