Lent Day #4

Day #4 (40Acts): Grab a cuppa. Buy a cup to give to someone homeless or marginalised. If they don’t mind, sit with them and have tea together. Tea. The quintessential English drink. Such an important part of our lives that sharing it could be an important act. The second most drunk drink in the world after water. I don’t drink tea, but I do drink herbal teas. I like lemon & ginger, peppermint, sleepy time tea (the one with the bears on the box), that sort of thing.

I misread this morning as I looked on the 40acts website and it doesn’t really work on my mobile phone (bad 40acts) and I only read that I should have a cup of tea with someone.

Today we met up with my sister and my nieces. We had great fun hanging out at the cafe at Tooting Common. It was a glorious sunny day and we stayed at the cafe for almost two hours. The girls had luridly coloured ice creams and we had lunch. Beans on toast, fried breakfasts, that sort of thing. And coffee and tea.

It was lovely to catch up, we hadn’t seen them for 2 months and with the little ones, every time we meet they really have grown. We have conversations now and play word games too. For the first time we played eye-spy.

The occasion was tinged with sadness as one of our first cousins once removed died this week. At only 55, the first of my mother’s cousins who were all so close they were like one large pack of brothers and sisters. In fact, some of the families had shared tiny houses in Manchester fifty to sixty years ago as they struggled to establish themselves in their new communities in a new country.

But there was joy too and we laughed a lot and parted smiling in our hearts as well as with smiles on our faces.

Tonight I saw the bit about getting tea for someone homeless or marginalised. I’ll endeavour to do that on another day.

Day #4 action: I signed the Equal Love campaign petition. The campaign is hoping to achieve civil partnerships for different sex couples and civil marriage for same sex couples. In 2009 Quakers decided to treat different ses and same sex marriages the same and decided to seek a change in the law to allow them to do so within the law. So far they’ve helped reach the point where they can legally celebrate civil partnerships in their meetings, but there’s still some way to go.

One of the couples in the Equal Love campaign are Quaker and I interviewed one of the Equal Love couples, Kristin Skarsholt and Ian Goggin for Nayler last year.

Day #4 action 2: The People’s supermarket in Holborn is threatened with closure at the beginning of March, so I signed this petition to ask Camden Council to all the supermarket to renegotiate their rate payments.


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