Lent Day #6

Day #6 (40acts): Nurture yourself. I was late today, slipping in about six minutes after it had started. Joyfully, there was a space between a member of my meeting and a colleague. In all there were about 12 of us in this windowless, slightly gloomy room. It was a restful place but filled with energy too. The chairs were arranged in a circle, with a circular bench against the wall as the outer layer. For the next twenty-five minutes or so, nothing happened. At least not outwardly. Someone picked up a book and after reading for a while put it down. Probably the Bible or Quaker Faith & Practice. But that was all. Inwardly, people were stilling themselves, concentrating on that of God within. Listening. Occasionally a thought brought itself to the front of my mind and as gently as I could I dismissed it. For later. There was a Light shining within. Afterwards we shook hands and while we were doing so my friend spoke. She told of how she sometimes felt like she could miss this gathered time but whenever she came back she knew that she couldn’t manage without it. Together, we had held a Quaker Meeting for Worship.

Day #6 (action): Continuing the food theme (the People’s Supermarket, Fairtrade, action on a code of conduct for supermarkets), today I sent an email to George Osborne (and gave my MP, Joan Ruddock, a break) about excessive speculation on food by financial institutions. This activity has added £260 to the average UK household food bill according to the World Development Movement and has left millions across the world facing hunger and malnutrition.

Better regulation of the commodity futures markets has been demanded by various experts, so I wrote to chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne (courtesy of the World Development Movement) and asked him to take action on the issue.


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