Lent Day #11

Day #11 (40acts): Step out of your comfort zone. I saw this message in my inbox as soon as I got to work and I thought that it would be quite easy. But it isn’t. I haven’t stepped out of my comfort zone at all today and I’m not really sure where to start. I’m studying Swahili though and my class is tonight so I guess that I will be out of my comfort zone there – I usually am. But that’s something that I do every week so it doesn’t feel like a step forward.

Day #11 (action): I followed up on the arms trade today, but taking part in the Campaign Against Arms Trade action asking David Miliband MP to push for the UK to stop arming repression. The action came about after David Miliband stated that the Labour Party’s concern was to “prevent the spread of conflict and ultimately save lives and reduce human rights abuses”. See: http://act.caat.org.uk/lobby/60.

Campaign Against Arms Trade is one of the organisations that currently has a Quaker UK peaceworker.


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