Lent Day #13

Day #13 (40acts): Pray. I’m due to go to Kenya next month and I haven’t sorted out my plans or my flights. I don’t have enough money to do everything I want, though I have had a kind offer of help that I’m yet to take up. The main gig is the world conference of Friends and after that I wish to visit some work that British Quakers are connected with and visit a hospital run by Quakers. I don’t need to fix everything up really, it will unfold as God sees fit, but I do need to sort out the flights!

Day #13 (action): Prompted by my interest in hospitals and health centres run by Kenyan Quakers and the protests about the NHS (National Health Service) and how it is being wrecked by the UK government, I signed the e-petition calling for the scrapping of the bill that is set to wreck the NHS. It already has 170,000 signatures so has passed the 100,000 target to be eligible for an MP to apply to the relevant committee for time for a debate, but I still wanted to add my name to those who have signed already.


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