Lent Day #16

Day #16 (40acts): Organise a swap. They mean DVDs, books, household items, whatever and you meet up with some people and have an exchange. I spent part of Sunday clearing out items but rather than create my own swap I’m donating the goods I don’t need to charity shops. Mostly I was getting rid of clothes but I also sorted through a cupboard and a shelf with the result that we now have a spare cupboard. There was a lot of tat that had to go straight to the bin or into the paper recycling. Then I came to work this morning and my only meeting of the day was postponed. So I spent 2 hours working through my paperwork and now I have a tidier desk, filing tray, storage units and shelving. Awesome!

Day #16 (action): I spent Saturday at the London Quakers annual general meeting. There were some really good worship-sharing sessions on why we came to Quakers and why we keep going to Quaker meetings. Quite deep and open despite many of not having met each other before. In the afternoon we explored creating community and I spent some time in a small group with Friends from Romford and Kingston, in a well facilitated workshop (not by me).

I was meant to be helping with the workshop but during the lunchbreak I couldn’t meet with the main facilitator because I helped an old man across the road. And then carried his shopping bags as he went home and then up to his flat and then joined him for a wee chat before rushing back to London Quakers. I was grateful to God for putting me in the right place at the right time to help him and was quite amused about how my plans for that hour were torn up and I used my time differently.

Today, I dropped off a card to the guy to let him know that I’m around to help if he needs it. I know from my own experience that sometimes it is really hard to ask for help, so I’ve decided to try and offer it and see if that helps.


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