It rained in the night

Saturday 24/07/2010

It rained in the night and I had a dream afterwards. Various events culminating in going throught that station with a man and he couldn’t make his destination. He called for help, just as a crow, outside our tent, called out through a series of repetitive squawks. I awoke, disorientated. Realizing I was in the tent, I tried to find a comprehension of the sound. It went on and on. I opened the inner door and thorugh the opaque window realized that a crow was my tormentor. With another strutting towards the side of our tent. I hit the tent’s outer shell a couple of times. The crow stopped its racket. Back to sleep went I.


Later at the Royal Inn at Par L finally had her ‘ideal’ meal, the much commented upon soup and chips. I had a ‘homemade’ burger, Cornwall blue cheese and chips. It was enough and L left some chips. It was a pleasant end to our Cornwallian adventures.


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