The angry cyclist

We’re out of February and into March so it was time to get back on the bike. I’ve changed jobs since I last commuted to work so it was a whole new experience. I was quite nervous before the first trip – would the bike be okay, would I get lost, would I fall off? 

As it was, I didn’t fall off and the bike was fine. But I did get lost and it took me about 25 minutes extra to get into work. But most of the lost time was riding along a canal path (the wrong canal path) so it didn’t matter too much. 

There was one extremely unpleasant moment. Having crossed the zebra at the north end of Salmon Lane I was following a chap on the cycle/path way and coming the other way were two women and about five children. They were all holding hands and the kids were aged about 5-7. The other cyclist rang his bell several times and shouted “get out of the fucking way” several times. The women and children scattered.

I wasn’t going to catch the cyclist so I stopped to talk to the women and children, make sure that they were okay and really just to tell them that the other guy was a very angry man and that not all cyclists are like that. 

I carried on and then found myself following the angry cyclist. I’m not a fast cyclist and he wasn’t getting away from me, but he did turn off before I could catch him up. So it wasn’t like he really was in a hurry. 

It was such a shame, that little incident. I hope that man can deal with his anger sooner rather than later. 


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