Less smart, more phone

Just over a week ago I gave up my smartphone. Okay, I didn’t give it up.

Or, rather, I meant to give up my smartphone for Lent, you know, just to see. But after 2 days, I moved my SIM back over to my HTC Desire HD and carried on as before.

So when my month’s giffgaff goodybag came to an end, I decided to try again.

For over a week now I’ve been using my old Nokia phone (the 2330 classic, no less) for calls and texts and my smartphone as a mini tablet with wifi only.

Nothing much has changed really. I’m using my phone for calls and texts less than before. Getting a message after every call and every text to tell me my new credit level has been a real downer for using my phone.

I found that some friends don’t put their names on the end of text messages. This becomes relevant because my old address book is on the phone and hasn’t transferred. So I don’t know who is sending each message. (Though some friends do sign off with their names.)

I don’t check my phone as often, so I’ve missed a couple of opportunities to meet up with friends.

On the other hand, my Nokia phone can go over a week without being charged and my HTC phone-turned-mini-tablet doesn’t need charging so often either so I’m saving a tiny bit of electricity too. (The Nokia has been on the red bar for battery energy for 2 days so far.)

I don’t know how long I will last. I’m waiting to see how much credit I use in a month and how that compares to my previous monthly spending on giffgaff goodybags (airtime/internet usage/texts).

So the experiment continues and so far I like it.


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