Like before the internet

Yesterday, I was looking to buy a book. Specifically, The North Downs Way by Colin Saunders.  I decided against buying it from amazon because of their love of not paying their share of taxes. Then I looked at it on the Stanfords website and they had a buy-one-get-one-half-price offer, but I couldn’t think of a second book that I might need. Then I thought of Foyles.

Eventually it occurred to me that I could try my local bookstore. But which is my local bookstore? Is it Foyles in Westfield Stratford? Physically, it is Books for Life, but they have primarily religious content. Jambala raises cash for a different religion and I’ve never been able to find anything in there that I want. LXV is also both pretty close but it has never been open when I’ve gone past.

Then I discovered the Broadway Bookshop. I called them but they didn’t have the book in. But they could order it in and call me the next day to confirm that they had got it. So I paid full price but without any p&p.  Just under 24 hours later they called to confirm that the book was in store and I braved the rubbish weather to pick it up.

It was just like before the internet. When I was a kid, I used to get books from Hannays but they’re no longer around.

While I was on Broadway I also stopped by Artwords and on my way back to the office I found another bookshop, Bokship.  Who needs the internet?


2 thoughts on “Like before the internet”

  1. Hi Jez,

    I know what you mean about Amazon. Not only is their failure to pay taxes a reason not to use them, but their recent price rise for third party sellers tells you everything you need to know about the future if their is no other competition. I use Amazon to keep a track of books I want in the future using their wishlist and as a way to get ideas for presents at Christmas. I don’t think I will be shoppping with them again for a long time, though.

    Keep going to your local bookshop.

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