A penny at a time

It’s often stations that this happens in. I’m behind someone and they get their oyster pass out of their pocket. Some loose change comes out and falls on the floor. They look down and then leave it. It’s only a bit of change after all.

I wish that I was rich enough to be able not to bother picking up my money when it falls out of my pocket. Just this morning when I got to work, I took the keys out of my pocket and I heard the tinkle of money falling.

I went down a few steps and then saw a penny that had fallen out. It was the same penny that I had picked up this morning in the station.

For some reason that I can’t remember anymore, in our family we have a tradition of thanking the white rabbit whenever we find money – even our own money when we find it in the flat. So I thanked the white rabbit, even though it was ‘mine’ in the first place.

If the money that we find doesn’t go straight into our wallet, it goes into a little box at home. Sometimes the money goes to charity and sometimes into our wallets, depending on how hard up we feel.


money and leaflets

Maybe I should record the money that I find in our spending diary and then put it into baby’s savings account.


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