And a new king is born

For everyone of us who has borne a child, they are the centre of our world. In the UK alone, around 723,913 babies were born in 2011 (the latest year that the figures are available for). Today though, a new king has been born. Well, he’s third in line to the throne. Good luck to him, I say. I’m not in favour of the monarchy but I don’t wish ill on anyone and this particular lad will have a lot of attention on him for the rest of his life.

It was mildly amusing to me to note that my family are keeping in line with the royals. My father and prince Charles were born in the same year, and my son and the new prince were born in the same school year. Only William and I got out of sync.

Tonight I had my own triumph: my son got himself off to sleep. We’ve been working towards this for a while. I only hope that tonight wasn’t a one-off in honour of this royal occasion!


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