+ve thinking for a sleeping baby

For the past three nights baby has taken himself off to sleep when he’s been ready. I put him in his cot, give him a kiss and a hug, then he winds himself down. Could this be a pattern? Is this the holy land where baby gets himself off to sleep when he’s tired?

Tonight I was sitting with baby, willing him to go to sleep. It has been a long day, but I was content. Except for the fact that it had been over half an hour and he was still awake. Was I wrong to think of a pattern?

Then I started to wonder if I’d been wrong to think of the pattern. Perhaps I’d tempted fate.

But then I thought about something my director had said to me at work today. I was worrying about a piece of work. ‘Jez, why worry?’ she asked. ‘Think about the work finished and feeling good about a great piece of work.’ I might have scoffed at that at the time, but just now, in the mildly darkened bedroom I wondered if it could work.

So I began to visualize my baby, sleeping. And then I visualized him full of beans when his grandparents visit tomorrow because he’s had a great night’s sleep. I visualized him asleep again.

Then he yawned. And about two minutes after I began the visualization exercise, baby had fallen asleep. Result!

That was about 45 minutes ago. I’m sitting here picturing him waking up in another 9 hours – I may as well be ambitious!


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