The great new toy

Continuing on from an earlier post about the baby’s favourite toys, there’s a new favourite. Baby’s mother took a plastic box that had contained a Littlelife Poncho Towel that grandmother had bought, added some glitter stars and other things and sealed it all up. Now baby has a shaker with lots of bright colours to chuck around. 

It will probably break at some point and then we’ll be finding these little stars for days to come. That idea reminds me of when some Dutch friends came to stay. They hid chocolate eggs around our flat for us. We found them here and there for many days afterwards. One turned up over a year later! 

Baby’s mother also put some of these stars in a salad dressing tube that had come with a lunch I bought on our holiday in France in June. She added some water and sealed it up and hey presto, another shaker toy. This one has been much less popular with the baby, though I enjoy shaking it!

These two toys were made the same day that I came home from work with a £2 charity shop purchase of a Habitat wooden truck. I got it from the Lama’s Pyjamas in Bethnal Green. Not as shiny as the shakers, it has played more of a bit-role in the baby’s life so far, but I’m pleased with it at least. According to the label it is suitable for 18m+ but I’ve always assumed such guidance is like a best-before date. You use at your own risk. 


One thought on “The great new toy”

  1. One time when we were visiting the great-grandmother she made a rattle out of an old drinks bottle filled with rice. It wasn’t as colourful as yours but it worked as a great toy for more than a few visits.

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