New Pb


On Saturday at parkrun I got a new Pb, taking 34 seconds off my best time to get home in 25:07. I had been expecting to run in 30-31mins with my neighbour but a hangover forced him out and I was left with no reason not to push myself hard. At the finish, unusually for me, I was just behind another runner and we both sprinted to the finish. I couldn’t catch him but he helped me make sure that Pb was as good as it could be.

Unfortunately, I forgot about my training plan and didn’t run another 2 miles to make 5, but I did speed walk/jog 1.8 miles to get to/from parkrun and I speedwalked the baby in the buggy for over a mile in the afternoon to get him off to sleep. So it feels like in getting enough exercise.

One of the great things about parkrun at hilly fields is the social aspect – every week there are people to chat with afterwards. I feel like I’m getting to know more people locally. Though one woman told me she had seen another parkrunner somewhere else. As she enthusiastically greeted him she could see the look of horror on his face as he tried desperately to think of where he knew this woman from.

And a week or two ago I greeted a fellow parkrunner who was queueing for food at brockley’s rock. Turned out he wasn’t a parkrunner. That was rather embarrassing!


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