Sometimes it’s just what I want


Yesterday I had a fry up for lunch. Since I became a father I’ve largely resisted them. I don’t want to end up with a big gut. I do want to set a good example of fitness to my child.

Bit friday was just one of those days. I had been struggling through work with exhaustion, a low grade cold, earache and a loss of balance. I felt a bit sorry for myself.

I had been buying my lunch in sainsbury’s when the self service machine started  confusing me, then the staff were getting cross with me and so I left it all behind. Not great behavioir, I know, but it was all too much.

So I made it to a cafe on the Cambridge heath road and had this lunch. Not amazing, but it certainly hit the spot.

And this morning, my earache has gone and my balance has righted itself. All down to the fry up, I’m sure.


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