Passing on the running bug

On Saturday, I was all geared up for Parkrun. I had run on Thursday night and had recorded a great time so this was to be the day of my next Personal Best attempt. After recording 25:07 in August I had hardly got within 2 minutes of that time in the following 2 months. So I was ready to go. No, really. I had even been online reading tips about how to get a Parkrun 5k PB. 

But on the day, my friend texted me. Would I be going to Parkrun he enquired? I was, but I was going early to jog there and do my stretches first. I am determined. Okay, I’ll see you there. You might, but I’m going for my PB, I thought to myself. And so up to the Hilly Fields I jogged. I did my stretches. And just as we were about to walk over to the start, my friend turned up. 

And that was when I realised that I wasn’t going to go for my PB that day. It can wait for another day and for now I would just enjoy the pleasure of running with friends. So we ran together and I scored my second slowest time ever, 31:12. Only beaten in slowness by the run a few weeks ago when I stopped to use the loo part way round. But my friend got round the course and could put the stress of a busy week behind him for a while. We certainly weren’t the fastest. We were among the slowest.  The PB will wait for another day. 

When I started running, around 18 months ago, I went out in my lunchbreaks with a friend who is a more experienced runner. He told me that he often went out with a more experienced runner than him. And he was happy to help me get going. Now I feel like I have the opportunity to offer some encouragement to someone else. I’m passing on the running bug. 





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