From apple day to…


On Saturday, toddler and I went off on our adventures. The primary destination was Ian’s apple day at One Tree Hill allotments.

There, I chopped apples while toddler slept. Then, when he awoke, we chatted to each other. I met 4-5 people and saw a lot more.

Fast forward to this morning and I found myself standing on the train right next to a woman I saw on Saturday at apple day. Was it enough to start a conversation?

Eventually I decided not to try. And I was left wondering if I should have tried to make conversation or if it was best not to say anything. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “From apple day to…”

  1. I would have chatted, but that’s the way I do things! I often see people around and about and I think ‘I know you from somewhere’ and tell them so…it can lead to some interesting conversations (and friendships?). There’s also the point-at-someone-and-say-‘Parkrun!’ thing… 🙂

    1. I’ve done the parkrun thing before and found that the guy in the queue at Brockley’s Rock who I recognised from parkrun had never done it. That was a wee bit embarrassing! But I like the general knowing you from somewhere idea.

  2. Difficult One. Mind you, on a train, in Britain, not up North, and where outbreaks of chatty friendliness can often be viewed as akin to an attack on personal comfort zones. We’re just not prepared for it are we? Shame you had no visible record of being at the same event. A knowing nod, a point to some paperwork, a smile of recognition in a shared interest, all unspoken aside from mouthing the words ‘Apple Day’ (maybe that’s overkill?). Crude visual clues of innocent intention are often needed in my ‘umble opinion.

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