Exploring parkrun and the Quaker way

A great passion of mine over the past 13 years has been discovering the Quaker way and living with Quaker faith. And in the past year or so another great interest has come along – parkrun. I’ve not thought before about combining them but my great friend Marisa Johnson has!

I didn’t even know that Marisa was a parkrunner until I read her frontpiece in the latest edition of Among Friends, the newsletter for the Friends World Committee for Consultation Europe and Middle East Section (FWCC-EMES). If you’re new to Quakers right now it’s useful to know that we Quakers don’t have a hierarchy of faith as such around the world. Instead, FWCC brings Quaker meetings from around the world together to talk and listen with each other. EMES is our region and Marisa is our secretary.

If you’re new to parkrun, it’s a free timed event in parks mostly in the UK and around the world. Set over 5km, it takes place every Saturday morning.

In her article Marisa draws on the percentage score each runner receives after their timed run, comparing their run to the world record but managing factors such as age. She also writes about the transformation that we find possible in faith and whether she’ll be able to live up to her potential. It’s a great short article and well worth a read for any Quaker who does parkrun! Or any Quaker. Maybe even any parkrunner too. You can access the newsletter download from http://www.fwccemes.org/news/among-friends-issue-128 and Marisa’s article is on the front page.


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