A walk in the park

Is that a squirrel up your trousers or are you pleased to see me? Um, it’s a squirrel. Thankfully it was on the outside. Today was the first time that I experienced a squirrel running up my leg. It’s not something I’ve sought to experience and it’s not something I’m keen to do again. We were in the southern end of Greenwich Park, on our way back from watching the deer in their enclosure. Ahead of us some people had been feeding crisps to the squirrels. Then we realised that everyone else was feeding nuts to the squirrels. So they get inquisitive and climb up people’s trousers. I shook the vermin off – I was a bit concerned it was going to try and reach my son who was sitting on my shoulders.

For several years we’ve arranged a walk around New Year’s day. We usually get out of London but with our son now toddling we have changed our criteria. Now we want somewhere he can walk about and not get too muddy, we want to travel less and walk a smaller distance. And realising that the weather forecast was predicting that today would be the only good day before we went back to work, we brought the walk forward by two days.

So we stayed in town, walking from Brockley to Greenwich, around the park and home again. That’s the summary, anyway. The longer version involves meeting our friend O, going to a park, stopping for lunch at a bench and a long coffee break in the National Maritime Museum.

We met all of our criteria except the distance – all told we walked 8.5 miles today! I kept the GPS count going all day so including the stops our journey took almost exactly 6 hours.

Today was my second Janathon post. I wrote the first on my new website, but I’m having technical issues (bad gateway error messages) so I’ll re-post there once I’ve sorted it all out, hopefully in a day or two.


7 thoughts on “A walk in the park”

  1. The squirrel experience sounds like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory! I like the little vermin but from afar! Well done on the distance that’s quite a walk

    1. Thanks, I like the chocolate factory thought. The distance wasn’t all that much compared to what we used to walk before being parents. But after the birth everything changed, of course.

    1. Good point. I thought those folk were just being hipsters but now I realise it is purely a practical measure. šŸ™‚

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