A cold stroll

We went for a cold stroll today, the boy and I. Up to the park and back again was all it was. The way up was slow. We were with 3 other parents and 3 other kids. One, aged 2 and 4 months, was allowed to walk so we had to go at her pace. I felt a bit impatient as I just wanted to be at the park and let my son out of his buggy.

On the way home we went a different way and were searching for somewhere to have a coffee. It was getting darker and colder. One place we stopped in, Jam Circus, had a working coffee machine but no coffee. The other places we wanted to visit were all closed. In the end we found somewhere but I was done in and we came home.

The only incident of note is that the boy had his drink bottle when we left the park but not when we got home. I was too cold to go out and look for it.  😦

For this Janathon day, we walked 3.3 miles in 2 hours (including playground stop).  Saturday is parkrun, hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to report!



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