Bargain Hunt


In Bargain Hunt, the popular daytime TV programme on BBC, two teams of amateur collectors have a limited time to find the best bargain that they can. The rivalry is always fairly light but I imagine that bragging rights must go on for ever. 

From time-to-time I turn my lunchbreak into my own little version of Bargain Hunt. My stamping ground is always the same – the 3 or so charity shops of Bethnal Green, AyokaLama’s Pyjamas and the Spitalfields Crypt shop

Today, I had a walker, some books and some Xmas decorations to give away. Since they were bulky and heavy I took them to Ayoka, about 20 yards from my office. Then I set off with nowhere in particular in mind – I just wanted to get some light exercise for Janathon and I wanted to practise a bit of walking mindfulness. 

I found myself on the Roman Road and popped into the Lama’s Pyjamas where, hidden under the women’s dresses rack, I found a super little Biemme trike. Only £3.50! It’s only couple of weeks since Christmas but I couldn’t resist buying it for my son. As I paid, the woman at the counter asked if I wanted a bag. No, I replied, I’ll ride it home. On the way back to the office a woman suggested that I might need to find myself a larger bike. Carrying children’s toys around is a great way to gather quips from passers by! 

Janathon stats: Steps so far today, 3,536. 

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