We went to visit a friend today, the boy and me. Up at Willesden Junction. We took the footbridge to Hythe Road. My friend swears she once saw 23 trainspotters on that bridge all at once.

Today, there were just two. Me and the boy. And he was asleep and I was halfway there. Still, I saw a lot of trains up there at Willesden Junction.

We had the special, paella, at a Brazilian caff. The clientele seemed to all be mechanics – a massive used car lot is round the corner – and Brazilians. Oh, and us. A Brazilian rolling news channel was playing on the TV. But nothing was happening, as far as I could tell.

We also had a deep-filled custard tart each, me and my friend. It was delicious but gone too soon.


Later, we returned to Willesden Junction via the canal. It felt desolate, overly grey and industrial, with wide puddles on the path that I gingerly pushed the buggy through.

The walks were a bit grim but the company and food were good. We will go back.

Moves app says 6,645 steps today.


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