Every step you take

I’ve walked 4,905 steps today, according to the moves app. How accurate this is, I don’t know for sure.

Thanks to having the app I know now that from office doorstep to station platform is 1,455 steps. And the day I counted every one of my steps to discover this, the app added around 1,100 steps to my total. I think the difference may be because the app map of my route cuts off quite a lot of corners. Or maybe my six feet six person with size 13 shoes takes smaller steps than the average app step. That seems highly implausible.

On Monday I counted my steps including my diversion into sainsbury’s to buy some bread – a 1,900 step journey.

A wet Bethnal Green morning


One thought on “Every step you take”

  1. Great pic. All that counting reminds me of ‘A Confederate General from Big Sur’ by Richard Brautigan. Not sure if anyone reads him now but was all the rage when I was a student (long time ago…)

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