You really are wasting your own time

Over at Hilly Fields park run, there was a new race director today.

Glenn is head of PE at a local school and is involved in the Run Dem Crew running club.

First up, the course was changed from the usual. A good decision, as we have one section that has recently been a bog at the best of times. I found it easier than usual. The key change was that the run up our second hill (which we do three times) was longer than usual.

More of the hill than usual

The second revolutionary change was to brief the runners from the side of the starting place instead of the front, making it easier to talk to everyone without having to shout.

Hilly fields parkrun

Most weeks at hilly fields, the race director asks if there are any first timers and then any visitors and we cheer them all – a practice that neither of the parkruns I’ve recently visited in Colchester or Sheffield did. Glenn took it a stage further and got the tourists today where they were from. I liked this touch, especially as its a common practice at quaker meetings and helps to add to the feeling of being part of an international community.

I also noticed that some of the volunteers had name badges but I don’t know whether that was a new feature this week or not.

Finally, when some people started talking during his briefing, he paused. When they were quiet, he said, to much laughter, “you really are wasting your own time”.

Good times! And for me too, finishing parkrun in a respectable feeling 26:25.

Stats of the day: I ran 5.1k and walked 11,527 steps.


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