Baby bedtime routine not working? How to get Out of the Woods

They say that’s it’s good to have a bedtime routine for your baby.

A bath, a story and a drink of milk all feature in the various books and websites I’ve seen. Our bedtime routine has all of these things.

But I think we might be unique in the world to have included laughing with Will Cohu in our routine.

It happened by accident, as some of the best things do. Will wrote a book, Out of the Woods. It was first published by Short Books in 2007. There are illustrations by Mungo McCourt. It is about trees.

One day, I decided I would start reading to Junior about trees as he went to bed. I picked Will’s book because its a nice read. I thought Junior might learn a little as I reqd, even if he didn’t really understand.

But it was too dark – the first part of our routine is to switch off the light. As I fumbled with the book the inside back cover opened. And Junior leant forward, pointed at the photo of Will Cohu and laughed. I like to think he was laughing with Will Cohu, not at him.

I love the sound of Junior laughing. So, every night, I get the Will Cohu book out, find his picture and Junior laughs. Then we look at another book before I settle Junior into his cot.

I’ve tried the Mungo McCourt illustrations on Junior but they don’t have the same effect. I’ve not tried pictures of anyone else, I don’t want to risk it not working.

So, if your bedtime routine isn’t working, don’t give up. Try adding a little laughter to the situation. I know just what you can try. I know it wasn’t why he published this book, but Will Cohu might just get you Out of the Woods.


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