The age-old January resolutions thing

New year, new opportunities. Have you got your new year’s resolutions sorted yet?

The fashion now seems to be to disregard them. They don’t work anyway. There’s too much, not enough time.

This year, I have decided to go the other way. And make loads of new resolutions. They’re not major though. Just little changes here and there. A commitment to the journey, to the experience.

Back on with the yoga. Thankfully, Adriene made that one easy today with a whole new 31 days of yoga programme. Tick.

I’m aiming to write regularly, in various places, hence a blogpost or two here. Tick.

I’m creating more art. So I made a quick sketch of a cormorant. Tick.

Not eating after 21h00, is that possible? Today it is. Tick.

A bit of French every day. I read a couple of articles in an old 20 Minutes newspaper and a whole load of comments on a football fans forum. Tick.

There are more. Spend only when I really want to. Stick with teaching the boy to read. In English and in French. Manage my photos. Back up the computer regularly. Maybe I should write them all down!


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