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Jessye days

Today was a Jessye day. You know the ones, you probably have another name for it, or maybe you don’t call it anything.

They’re the days when you do nothing for the whole day, but you do lots of small things. It’s usually a day of rest, of respite and refreshment. A day for getting jobs done.

They’re mongrel days – a bit of everything is in them. But the best mongrel days are special so we named them after the best mongrel I ever knew, Jessye.

Jessye picked my aunt and uncle out when they visited Battersea Dogs Home looking for a pet. They brought her home and she gently became a figure of importance in many people’s lives. She may even have been my first love. She was kind, beautiful and generous. When she died, the mourners were many.

Sharing a tart with friends

Our Jessye day today has been a mixture of jobs, playing in the garden,

Distant view of canary wharf from the allotment

visiting Ever Sunny Park, inspecting our allotment plot, eating and time spent with friends.

Ever Sunny Park

My favourite exercise was kicking a ball about in Ever Sunny Park with Junior and his mother. It’s a slow game but he laughs a lot and it’s the best sound in the world.

Exercise stats: 3,095 steps.


Brockley’s Rock

I love a good fish and chips meal. And I’m blessed that in Brockley we have a great fish and chips takeaway.


The fish is always cooked to order so it’s worth phoning your order in before you set off.

As well as fried fish they sell grilled fish, fish cakes and calamari. It took me over a year, maybe two, to get around to trying the grilled fish. But when I did, I wished I had tried earlier! One day I will get around to trying the calamari. I’ve had a fish cake too, which was good, bit I lo e grilled or fried fish too.

Vegetarians are catered for with a peppery veg cake, which is apparently very good too and far superior to vegetarian offerings in many F&C establishments. They also do a weekly gluten-free night.

The only drawback of brockley’s rock is that when you have fish and chips elsewhere, it is often inferior. Last year, on holiday in Norfolk, despite following recommendations, the F&C wasn’t up to our local standards.

Last night I had the fried plaice, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce, which goes very well with the chips. Now that Junior is eating fish, I now get to share my fish portion with him. It looks like he’s getting into it as much as his father.

A sorry tale of plant theft


We had some new neighbours move into our small block of flats last week. They came from somewhere with a garden and brought lots of pot plants with them. The plants have been a cheery addition to our otherwise rather dreary driveway.

So it was very annoying to learn that someone has nicked some of the plants. Since they’re not immediately visible from the road, they’re likely to have been taken by someone who walks by. They’ve probably been taken then by someone who lives locally.

It’s a real shame for our neighbours who have grown their plants from seed and a unfriendly welcome to our neighbourhood, Brockley, for them.