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parkrun breakfast

For me there’s nothing quite like a helping of cold porridge as a post-parkrun breakfast.

And not just cold porridge – it has to be cold porridge eaten out of the pan with the wooden stirring spoon. I even love scrubbing the plasticky layering around the edge of the pan onto the spoon.


This morning’s offering was particularly fabulous. We’ve recently found that our son is getting into his porridge, possibly helped by the rather brilliant Abney & Teal porridge episode. And this has left us with rather more excess porridge than normal. Result for me!

Porridge was a rather fitting breakfast for today’s parkrun outing. It was not a nice day out there. The wind and rain wasn’t so bad as it had mostly eased off. It was the saturated ground that made running an exercise in agility and balance, not speed and finesse.

My neighbour S joined me for parkrun today. We ran together, sometimes running wide to avoid the worst of the waterlogged ground  and we walked up one of the hills. To his credit, hardly having run since November, my neighbour put up with my unceasing encouragement (“Just two more lamp posts to the top of the hill”) and ran all they way round the last lap. For some of us parkrunners, it’s not about the personal bests and the top times. It really is just about taking part and getting through it.

Keeping up the Janathon experience I ran parkrun’s 3.13 miles in 33:14 or so. I ran there too, 0.85 miles.

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