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The mysterious case of pricing in Brockley Sainsburys


I went into my local Sainsburys to buy some apples. A pack of 4 pink lady apples from South Africa is marketed as being reduced from £2.95 to £2.45. A bargain? Not quite. A single pink lady apple from South Africa is 60p so 4 would cost £2.40.

I don’t understand why a company as large as Sainsburys can’t make a sensible multipack pricing policy and stick to it.


A sorry tale of plant theft


We had some new neighbours move into our small block of flats last week. They came from somewhere with a garden and brought lots of pot plants with them. The plants have been a cheery addition to our otherwise rather dreary driveway.

So it was very annoying to learn that someone has nicked some of the plants. Since they’re not immediately visible from the road, they’re likely to have been taken by someone who walks by. They’ve probably been taken then by someone who lives locally.

It’s a real shame for our neighbours who have grown their plants from seed and a unfriendly welcome to our neighbourhood, Brockley, for them.

Sainsbury’s price test

With Sainsbury’s due to open in Brockley in mid-July and much of the talk on Brockley Central focussing on Sainsbury’s next door competitor, the independent Broca Market, here’s a very small price test on Sainsbury’s versus Sainsbury’s local. 

Brockley’s nearest Sainsbury’s are at New Cross Gate, Lewisham and Forest Hill and another area I visit regularly has two Sainsbury’s in even closer proximity – Whitechapel and Bethnal Green. Whitechapel is a large supermarket and Whitechapel is a Sainsbury’s Local. For good measure, I also checked the online price.

This morning the price test was on cereal. 

Sainsbury’s own brand 500g cornflakes

1. Whitechapel £1.49

2. Online £1.49

3. Bethnal Green Local £1.65. 

Sainsbury’s own brand 500g pecan and maple crisp

1. Whitechapel £1.99

2. Online £1.99

3. Bethnal Green Local £2.19

In both cases, the Sainsbury’s Local charges just over 10% more than the other Sainsbury’s.