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11 December

Just briefly then.

It is so long since I blogged that my computer no longer had my password stored in the system. And I got my username on wordpress wrong. Twice.

Other observations.

The reason that L doesn’t answer the phone tonight is that her phone is in the study.

I am in the study now.

L is not.

I am grateful to Timothy Ashworth and Alex Wildwood. Their book, Rooted in Christianity and Open to New Light is everything that I wanted it to be.

Thank you Peter Daniels for your poem about taking a day off. I had last Thursday away from work. I needed it.

Van Canto. Plain weird.

Quaker radio, let’s do it. Honestly, we can make it work.

The Brian factor. Meeting for Worship at Westminster was two main ministries by Brians, plus a third by a woman whose name I don’t know. It was like I had never been away.


I guesstimated that I knew the names of less than half the people in the room.

In four weeks time I will be in Kenya. I am relying a lot on God for the preparation for this one. It will all come together. It will.

It must.

A few weeks ago I texted Ellen but James answered. I thought of James today. And because of James I thought of Ellen. I still haven’t reprogrammed my phone so that with Ellen’s name is not James’s number.

I learned something new about someone today, which was helpful to understanding the situation in front of me. I also read an article by them in The Friend.