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We saw some bugs down on the allotment…
Bugs II

There’s so much to do on the allotment, but there’s always time to have a good look at all the creatures knocking about.

Bugs I


Getting to know the neighbours

On Saturday we went to the allotment. It was my first time up there this year, even though it is just over the road. We went up and had a good look around, drew a map of the beds and decided on what to try and grow this year.

Afterwards, we were offered a cup of tea and biscuits by one of our fellow plot holders. Several others were there, taking part in a work weekend. One of the great things about having an allotment is that we’re starting to make friends with a whole new group of people and we’ve been made to feel like we’re part of a community. There was lots of chatter about celeriac, sweet potato and why our plots aren’t so good for growing rhubarb.

Afterwards, we joined in with the communal activities and helped turn over some soil so that a small wildflower meadow can be planted.

On the way in we had spotted a wren and while we were there we saw magpies, blackbirds, tits and robins. All birds that we rarely see in our garden, if at all, despite our home being just one row of houses away.

It’s nice, our allotment.