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Car! Door!

Today we did jobs, Junior and I. Visited the launderette, pruned the hedge, refilled the birdfeeder, did some online retail therapy (secateurs, bath mat, doormat, that sort of thing).

Every day Junior learns new words. Every day, Junior has to label the things he sees.

The route to the park is a slow one, though the park is nearby. Junior tells me what he sees. Door! Every house has a door. Every car has a door. Today I taught Junior to say ‘car’. This was a mistake. There are a lot of cars between home and the park. They are parked on the pavement and they pass in the road. Both ways! There are a lot of cars to point out.

When we got to the park Junior ignored the swing, the slide, the climbing frame and the elephant. He got his ball out of his trolley and we kicked the ball around the park for an age. Around and around the slide, the swings. The elephant got an occasional touch.

I knew it was time to go home when Junior picked up his ball and put it in his trolley. He walked the trolley to the gate. I suggested we go back to the slide or the swings but both suggestions were met with an emphatic “No!”

So we set off home. After about 5 yards of walking, Junior gave me the ball. He then indicated that he wanted me to take the trolley. Then he grabbed my leg. I know the code – I put him up on my shoulders, picked up the ball and the trolley and we went home. Walking back took about 2 minutes, getting there had taken over 20.