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Wet Wet Wet

I feel it right through my jeans
I feel it right through my coat
Rain is all around me
And so the feeling grows
It’s written on the wind
It’s everywhere I go, oh yes it is…

(with apologies to Wet Wet Wet)

Today I got rottenly soaked right through on the way home from dropping the boy off at nursery. It was part two of 4 walks today. The walk over (carrying the boy in a sling) to nursery took 14 minutes. The way back, in driving rain, took 11 minutes. Funny how crap weather can make me go faster! It’s 0.6 miles each way.

After two weeks off, we were all back at work and nursery today. It’s good to be back in the routine and I enjoy my work, but family time is so much better!

Janathon stats:

3.5 miles walked

Moves: 5,704 steps (though GPS got switched off at some point so it might be more – will see how tomorrow compares).

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2,549 steps to success

Here’s my list of 2,549 steps to success

1. Take a step

2. Take another step

3. Take a third step

4. You get the picture

Today, I’ve taken 2,549 steps and counting. I have no idea if this is true, but it’s what my Moves app tells me. I probably took most of these steps while trying to walk the boy to sleep for his morning nap. They all count.

The best part of the day was playing football in the garden with the boy. He’s only 1 and a 1/4 years old so all his skill is focused on walking in a way that keeps him in the path of the ball. Any kick is quite a success and he responds with laughter. It’s a simple pleasure that keeps the rest of us happy.

Janathon stats: 2,549 steps, apparently.

parkrun breakfast

For me there’s nothing quite like a helping of cold porridge as a post-parkrun breakfast.

And not just cold porridge – it has to be cold porridge eaten out of the pan with the wooden stirring spoon. I even love scrubbing the plasticky layering around the edge of the pan onto the spoon.


This morning’s offering was particularly fabulous. We’ve recently found that our son is getting into his porridge, possibly helped by the rather brilliant Abney & Teal porridge episode. And this has left us with rather more excess porridge than normal. Result for me!

Porridge was a rather fitting breakfast for today’s parkrun outing. It was not a nice day out there. The wind and rain wasn’t so bad as it had mostly eased off. It was the saturated ground that made running an exercise in agility and balance, not speed and finesse.

My neighbour S joined me for parkrun today. We ran together, sometimes running wide to avoid the worst of the waterlogged ground  and we walked up one of the hills. To his credit, hardly having run since November, my neighbour put up with my unceasing encouragement (“Just two more lamp posts to the top of the hill”) and ran all they way round the last lap. For some of us parkrunners, it’s not about the personal bests and the top times. It really is just about taking part and getting through it.

Keeping up the Janathon experience I ran parkrun’s 3.13 miles in 33:14 or so. I ran there too, 0.85 miles.

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A cold stroll

We went for a cold stroll today, the boy and I. Up to the park and back again was all it was. The way up was slow. We were with 3 other parents and 3 other kids. One, aged 2 and 4 months, was allowed to walk so we had to go at her pace. I felt a bit impatient as I just wanted to be at the park and let my son out of his buggy.

On the way home we went a different way and were searching for somewhere to have a coffee. It was getting darker and colder. One place we stopped in, Jam Circus, had a working coffee machine but no coffee. The other places we wanted to visit were all closed. In the end we found somewhere but I was done in and we came home.

The only incident of note is that the boy had his drink bottle when we left the park but not when we got home. I was too cold to go out and look for it.  😦

For this Janathon day, we walked 3.3 miles in 2 hours (including playground stop).  Saturday is parkrun, hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to report!


A walk in the park

Is that a squirrel up your trousers or are you pleased to see me? Um, it’s a squirrel. Thankfully it was on the outside. Today was the first time that I experienced a squirrel running up my leg. It’s not something I’ve sought to experience and it’s not something I’m keen to do again. We were in the southern end of Greenwich Park, on our way back from watching the deer in their enclosure. Ahead of us some people had been feeding crisps to the squirrels. Then we realised that everyone else was feeding nuts to the squirrels. So they get inquisitive and climb up people’s trousers. I shook the vermin off – I was a bit concerned it was going to try and reach my son who was sitting on my shoulders.

For several years we’ve arranged a walk around New Year’s day. We usually get out of London but with our son now toddling we have changed our criteria. Now we want somewhere he can walk about and not get too muddy, we want to travel less and walk a smaller distance. And realising that the weather forecast was predicting that today would be the only good day before we went back to work, we brought the walk forward by two days.

So we stayed in town, walking from Brockley to Greenwich, around the park and home again. That’s the summary, anyway. The longer version involves meeting our friend O, going to a park, stopping for lunch at a bench and a long coffee break in the National Maritime Museum.

We met all of our criteria except the distance – all told we walked 8.5 miles today! I kept the GPS count going all day so including the stops our journey took almost exactly 6 hours.

Today was my second Janathon post. I wrote the first on my new website, but I’m having technical issues (bad gateway error messages) so I’ll re-post there once I’ve sorted it all out, hopefully in a day or two.