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Three blessings

Even after just a few days of this, it becomes an effort to discern just 3 blessings to write about. So I’m going to write about 3 people who were blessings in my life today.

1. John. John came up to me after Quaker Meeting tonight and said that he had read these posts. Our friend H had suggested something similar to him in the past. John’s affirmation of those posts was a blessing to me. I haven’t needed any confirmation that I should write these things down, but when it came, I appreciated that John took the time to say so.

2. Rebecca. She gives me a massage or something similar every month or so and today I had a 40 minute reflexology appointment with her. Some employees, in another organisation in the building where I work, club together each month to pay for a masseur to come each month to the office. I joined in with their scheme in April and I’ve really appreciated Rebecca’s work since then. For the last 3 appointments I’ve had reflexology and I really appreciate the attention she gives to my feet. Sure, she is being paid to do this, but her way is true and her connection is good. Her presence has encouraged me to look after my feet more and maybe the rest of me too.

3. Ben. Ben is champion. We were on the Student Action Network Committee for Amnesty International UK many years ago (1997-8). Over the years we have stayed in touch, off and on. This evening we met up in central London and went and had a drink together. Ben has been working as a lawyer/training to be a fully qualified lawyer over the past few years. He has only one round to go, has a new job and has the last round set up to get through. He has a big smile and a big heart and it was great to catch up, hang out and put the world to (human) rights (nearly). We’re both in London now so maybe we’ll see a bit more of each other.