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London picnic weather


Our friends cancelled a birthday picnic for their son due to the uncertain weather forecast. A reasonable decision, as it turned out.

We were going to go to occupy vs the arms fair instead when another friend pointed out that Sunday was our last chance to swim in the serpentine lido this year.

We had a picnic under a tree and it rained a lot.

We swam in 17-degrees water and were glad we went. We hope our kid will love the outdoors, whatever the weather.


The lengths we go to…


Friday was a rest day from running. After work we met up at serpentine lido and went for a swim. It’s my favourite place in London to swim. I love it when I get to see birds close up and at their level, while keeping a respectful distance! Last week a great crested grebe came towards me, dived under and I spent the next few strokes hoping it would steer clear of me.