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3 good things

Today’s 3 good things about the day (a subtitle could be: we can find blessings in every day life).

1. My colleagues were brilliant at work today. We had a lot to do this morning but we stuck at it and worked on everything that needed working on. A lot of energy and effort went into fine-tuning our magazine and making it the best it could be before we went to press. Then, after lunch, we had an editorial meeting and worked collaboratively on the next week.

2. I had to laugh this evening at the unfortunate experience of the man in the Royal Mail shirt. He got off the train at my stop and bounded up the steps to the station ticket hall exit. It was about 8:05pm and that exit closes at 8pm, so the door was locked. The guy paused a moment, then bounded down the stairs and went out the same way as every one else.

3. At lunch today I choked long and hard. Not a blessing usually, but this came about because Charlie had made me laugh out loud. He did a funny walk that made it look like he was going down some stairs. Unfortunately for me, I had sparkling water in my mouth at the time and it went down the wrong way. I choked a lot. Two men and a woman were on the next table to me and they just stared a bit but didn’t try to help me, bless them. Later, I learned that they were visiting clerks from another Yearly Meeting who may have been somewhat taken aback?! Possibly from Philadelphia YM, but I haven’t confirmed this! Anyway, Charlie’s walk is very funny and I fully recommend it. I had been feeling fairly tired (see blessing #1 above) and his walk helped me release all the tension and tiredness that had built up from working intensely all morning.