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Completing the job


(The video won’t be available to non-UK viewers.)

Danny Nardiello ran through on goal, only had the keeper to beat, shot and scored! Only he didn’t score because the ball got stuck in a muddy puddle just in front of the goal line. Unfortunately for Danny, he hadn’t followed through and Bury goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was able to collect the stationary ball. There’s a lesson for us all in there somewhere, about how we need to make sure that when we start a job, we finish it.

If you’ve ever done Myers-Briggs you’ll know about your personality type and the types that you might need around you to complete your team and how together you will get things done. Jesus had great insight for this and he just knew about who he needed in his team. We call them the disciples, but there were other people too who Jesus relied upon to do his great work and help him finish the job.

It is important for us to take the time to seek God’s guidance to find out who is in our team and make sure that we treat them with the respect they deserve and together we’ll complete the job.