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Sainsbury’s price test

With Sainsbury’s due to open in Brockley in mid-July and much of the talk on Brockley Central focussing on Sainsbury’s next door competitor, the independent Broca Market, here’s a very small price test on Sainsbury’s versus Sainsbury’s local. 

Brockley’s nearest Sainsbury’s are at New Cross Gate, Lewisham and Forest Hill and another area I visit regularly has two Sainsbury’s in even closer proximity – Whitechapel and Bethnal Green. Whitechapel is a large supermarket and Whitechapel is a Sainsbury’s Local. For good measure, I also checked the online price.

This morning the price test was on cereal. 

Sainsbury’s own brand 500g cornflakes

1. Whitechapel £1.49

2. Online £1.49

3. Bethnal Green Local £1.65. 

Sainsbury’s own brand 500g pecan and maple crisp

1. Whitechapel £1.99

2. Online £1.99

3. Bethnal Green Local £2.19

In both cases, the Sainsbury’s Local charges just over 10% more than the other Sainsbury’s. 


Spot the difference

This morning as I walked into work I stopped by Sainsbury’s in Whitechapel. I thought that I might like some chicken. I found that 360g of chicken thighs costs £2.15. I didn’t buy it; I bought some cereal instead. 


But then I thought that maybe I did want some chicken, so I popped into the Sainsbury’s at Bethnal Green to discover that 360g of chicken thighs costs £2.30. 


ImageSo what’s the difference between the two? About half a mile and fifteen pence. Yes, Sainsbury’s sells the same product for 6.9% more money at Bethnal Green compared to Whitechapel. In effect, you pay a premium if you visit the smaller store. 

And, in case you’re wondering, according to the Huffington Post Sainsbury’s recorded underlying profits of £712 million last year. You can see where they’re getting their money from, can’t you?