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Evening running in London


After my last post I decided enough was enough. I pulled on my sweater and set off on my good old nct run. It takes me past the homes of everyone who was in our nct class, the teacher’s and the breastfeeding specialist’s. It is just under 4 miles at its shortest. Today I did the clockwise version, running mile splits of 9:00, 8:02 and 8:32, finishing in 32:43 so the last .86 was done in 6:59, with a major sprint finish down the whole of my road. By the time I finished my orange running shirt was a right old sweater.

I love a run in London of an evening.

In a moment, when I’ve picked myself up off the floor, there will probably be a nasty pool of sweat on the carpet, to go with the crushed fruit, stones and baby sick.


The one Michael McIntyre left out

Whatever you think of Michael McIntyre, he’s got some great lines and stories to tell. One of my favourites is his story about a bus driver leading a group of people in the snow up to Muswell Hill when the bus itself isn’t running.

But the one I was reminded of today is his ‘laugh snort sneeze and mini-sick” routine. See http://youtu.be/8AugsnliAgo.

Today I discovered that little people have their own version of this that combines the two – the vomit sneeze. It comes about from consuming a lot of breast milk and not all of it being digested. Little bits get vomited up now and then.

And little people do a great sneeze and every time they do one it looks like they’ve sneezed for the first time: ‘what was that?’ their faces say.

So today’s surprise was the one that Michael McIntyre didn’t cover in his routine, the vomit sneeze. It comes when there’s a small amount of vomit that comes out of the mouth instantaneously followed by a sneeze.

As I was facing a little person today, I was on the receiving end of a vomit sneeze and ended up with small spots of sick all over my shirt.

There’s only one suitable reaction to this – have a chuckle and then reach for the nearest muslin cloth.