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Plant returned!


Good news. One of our neighbour’s plants was returned. They told us they thought someone must have decided it was being thrown out and was okay to take. It was returned without a note, so we will probably never know. One is still missing.


A sorry tale of plant theft


We had some new neighbours move into our small block of flats last week. They came from somewhere with a garden and brought lots of pot plants with them. The plants have been a cheery addition to our otherwise rather dreary driveway.

So it was very annoying to learn that someone has nicked some of the plants. Since they’re not immediately visible from the road, they’re likely to have been taken by someone who walks by. They’ve probably been taken then by someone who lives locally.

It’s a real shame for our neighbours who have grown their plants from seed and a unfriendly welcome to our neighbourhood, Brockley, for them.